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Freshers Fair

As stated last term, I won't be around to organise Writing Group's presence at Fresher's Fair this year, although I might be able to turn up to help out, but I cannot be relied upon as I might have to be in Norfolk.

Hence, things need to be thought about.

The SU will not give us a stall, so we will have to share with Word Salad, or hijack a stall from someone who doesn't turn up.

We will need:

Posters/a banner tat says who we are VERY CLEARLY!
Information to go on said fliers and posters, including who we are, what we do, times, days and rooms.
People to gather said information and make the fliers and posters
Sign up forms with space for name and email address, as we don't need anything else.
A banner that clearly states that we're a free society.

As we do not have a budget (over the past few years, I've paid for all the gumph from my own pocket, and people have donated cash on the day for photocopying), it might be a good idea for the person/people who volunteer to organise this to have a collection. If everyone gives 50p, for example, then we'll have enough to make a lot of fliers.

So, victims volunteers?
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