Marc Hendriks (trademarc) wrote in yorkwriters,
Marc Hendriks

Joel Average

Hi folks, how are you all doing? I hope I’m not being intrusive here, but I would like to share one of my stories:

On the morning of his seventeenth birthday, Joel Robbins realized, for the first time in his adolescent life, that he was horribly average. His high school report card resembled the lyrics of a Jackson Five song: A, B, C. A, B, C. It wouldn't get him into trouble, but it wouldn't put him on the honor roll either. His grades were…average. Granted, Joel wasn't in lack of a creative mind. The photographs he took impressed his peers, but couldn't earn him a scholarship from the state's art academy. His girlfriend loved the short stories he wrote, yet publishers kept sending him rejection slips: even when it came to the arts, Joel was average.

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